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A radically relevant education

Rabbi Philip Graubart, Chief Jewish Officer & Director, Advanced Institute for Judaic Studies at San Diego Jewish Academy has posted an article for eJewish Philanthropy in which he reflects upon the deeply lasting achievement of Jewish education in an American

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Standing tall to vanquish injustice and injustice

The advent of a new calendar year is an appropriate moment to restate “first principles”. The community’s mission – indeed the mission for every Jewish community throughout the long history of our people – is to strive to make Jewish

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Reinvigorating communal responsibility

There is reason to feel optimistic as the last page of 2018 falls off the calendar and we greet 2019. As we noted in last week’s update, the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto has publicly declared it will pursue an

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Kudos to the Federation

This week’s edition of The CJN (Dec. 20) featured an article about the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. The lead item of the story, indeed the key news from the meeting itself, relates

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What makes successful Jewish communities?

In his discussion of this week’s parsha, Vayigash, Ephraim Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth provides a profoundly important insight. In a certain sense, it is effectively be the ner tamid, the permanent shining

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Important call to action

The Ontario government is currently holding public consultations into education reform in the province. The scope of the consultation is potentially quite broad. Eight questions have been put to the public for response. The questions suggest a narrow scope of

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An extraordinary gift

Earlier this month, Mem Bernstein, Chairman of The AVI CHAI Foundation delivered a keynote address at the Day School Investor Summit, convened by Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools. More than 100 philanthropists dedicated involved in day school development attended.

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