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More information about independent school families

From time to time we have referred readers to educationally related research from Cardus, an Ontario-based think tank studying – inter alia – “the institutions, communities, beliefs, leaders, and intricacies of civil society that collectively compose the social architecture of

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And so we have arrived at the end of the summer

One year ago, at this time our key parental/grandparental concerns before the children’s return-to-school were schedules, carpools, backpacks, school supplies, new shoes, class designations and extra-curricular activities. This year, we still have those concerns. But Covid-19 arches over and envelopes

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Will Ontario will be fair to our schools too?

The news this week that the federal government is transferring some $2B to the provinces to help schools be ready to receive students in our new Covid-19 world was gratifying. Ontario is slated to receive up to $760 million. That

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Converting crisis to opportunity

As the number of days before back-to-school diminish, anxieties heighten. We want our children to be in the classroom. That is where they belong. We want them, first and foremost however, to be safe. Every school has a plan to

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‘In it together to preserve our day school system’

By now, schools have communicated return-to-school plans to their respective parent bodies. We hope and we pray the transition to September learning will be medically safe, educationally successful, emotionally and psychologically safe. Though questions persist and absolute certainty in decision-making

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Our first responsibility as Jews…

Since writing last week’s update, the Government of Ontario has provided official guidelines for the return to school in September. As of this writing, parents await official instructions from Jewish day schools to advise them how their respective school will

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COVID-19, enrollment and Jewish day schools

As of this writing, the uncertainty hovering over the re-opening of schools significantly complicates families’ abilities to plan their lives. What form will learning take on the first Tuesday after Labour Day? In-class? Zoom? Hybrid? In keeping with the conservative-evidence-based-science-protect-human-life-first

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Return-to-school ideas welcome

Many years ago Joni Mitchell reminded us quite poetically that even dragging our heels won’t help to slow down the inevitable, cyclical return of the seasons. And so, even now, some six weeks before school resumes after Labour Day, educators

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Jewish education is an essential service

Campaigning to help make Jewish education affordable is built upon a foundational belief that such education is vital to assure a meaningful Jewish future without which there is no meaningful future for the world at large. As the school year

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Early education often leads to a lifetime Jewish path

GAJE’s chief focus is trying to help make Jewish education affordable. But as readers also know, we are also public proponents of the proposition that Jewish education is the pre-eminent way to foster and instill in our children the tools

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