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Discrimination that can now be ended

Earlier this month The CJN published an article that tracked “the cost of being Jewish in Canada”. It provided the average cost of six different markers of Jewish life – challah, synagogue, day school, real estate, summer camp and burial

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Are we responding to the significant challenges?

Professor Steven Windmueller teaches at Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. He has just published an essay that examines the informative Pew Report of five years ago that examined the characteristics of the Jewish community in the United States. Appropriately

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We will write our own history

Professor Jenna Weissman Joselit, teaches Judaic Studies and History at The George Washington University. She chronicles the development of the Jewish community in the United States. She recently wrote a short essay about the history of Jewish day schools in

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Arriving at genuine happiness

Rabbi Marc D. Angel, the founder of the New York-based Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals in New York shares a poignant thought about the holiday of Sukkot. He reflects upon the holiday’s alternate name, The Time of our Happiness

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Truth from our children

Last week, at the launch of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s 2018 campaign, Emily Martell, a Grade 12 student at TanenbaumCHAT, spoke about the importance of Jewish Education. Her brief remarks were deeply personal, sweetly written, emotionally moving and

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Disappearing American Jewry, again

Some weeks ago The New York Jewish Week published a plain-speaking but hard-hitting op-ed by Rabbi Abraham Unger entitled “Two Radical Proposals To Ensure A Jewish Future.” Unger was responding to an essay by JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen. Unger felt

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Wrap them in our love and help them to school in confidence

Fresh beginnings are upon us. The new year begins in just more than a week and school restarts in just less than a week. GAJE’s chief cause, of course, is for the affordability of Jewish education. Irrespective of the type

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