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We commit to shaping and creating the future

(In memory of Rabbi Professor Michael Brown) Jewish tradition understands that very few of us walk our present paths or seek our future roads without the prior love and labors of our late elders. B’zchut avot. By virtue of those

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Eliminating the gap between the ideal world and the real world

It is far better for us to act on vital moral imperatives based upon a foundation of our traditions, values, and ethical teachings than to trust in “princes”. This is the instruction (freely translated), we find in Psalm 118. Our

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Feeling optimistic for day schools

Toward the end of last year, Paul Bernstein, the CEO of Prizmah, the New York-based centre and network for Jewish day schools of North America, wrote a small essay in which he conveyed his sense of optimism about the future

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Funding for all students with special learning needs

Ontario’s unequal, preferential educational funding is anchored in history. It is on the basis of the historic bargain that tied the two great anglophone and francophone societies together that Ontario’s funding policy is legal. Most of the country has moved

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Ontario is a better place than this

Late last year, GAJE reported on the publication of a landmark study by Cardus, the public policy think tank, entitled Naturally Diverse: The Landscape of Independent Schools in Ontario. The study provides an up-to-date, in-depth portrait of Ontario’s independent school

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Jewish classical education is essential ….for the sake of society

The Tikvah Foundation (Mosaic) published a remarkable essay last week that merits wide circulation and study. Written by Eric Cohen and Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin, the work is entitled, The Spirit of Jewish Classical Education. It is a marvellous collaborative effort,

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ADRABA offers Media Studies to unpack coverage of Mideast conflict

Only someone waking up from a decades-long hibernation, perhaps in Patagonia, would be unaware of the worrisome anti-Jewish, not just anti-Israel, hostility in our part of the world. Vile manifestations of antisemitic and anti-Israel hate have insidiously encroached onto campuses,

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GAJE seeks to extend not to abolish (3)

We return one more time, the last for now, to the recent court decision by Judge Fred Myers dismissing the application – by Adrienne Havercroft and James Sutton – that sought to abolish funding for Catholic schools. We emphasize once

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GAJE seeks to extend not to abolish (2)

Last week we wrote about the decision by Judge Fred Myers dismissing the application by Adrienne Havercroft and James Sutton seeking a declaration that would have ended public funding for Catholic separate schools in Ontario. Judge Myers noted that the

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GAJE seeks to extend not to abolish

An Ontario judge has re-affirmed what all Ontarians – and Canadians – have known for many years: funding Catholic schools in Ontario is constitutional and legal. The Superior Court dismissed an application brough by Adrienne Havercroft that sought a ruling

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