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Ending glaring injustice not on Ontario’s agenda

Last week, Premier Doug Ford unveiled his new cabinet to the people of Ontario. He used weighty language in setting forth his governmental agenda. He called for Ontarians to be united and to work together. “With big challenges ahead, including

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Graduations and other happy end-of-school-year moments

Final exams, graduation ceremonies, valedictory addresses, end-of-year processions, early dismissals, extended recess and playground periods, broad smiles and long sighs are much in the air these days. It is sweet, energizing time of year for most of our children. The

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Israel recognizes role in fostering Diaspora identity

GAJE’s unyielding focus is helping achieve true affordability of Jewish education. As readers of this space know, we also occasionally share opinions and ideas regarding the unyielding significance of such education. In this week’s update, we call attention to a

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No retreat from peoplehood

In the emotional wake of the mass shootings in the US during the past four weeks and the overlap of Ontario’s provincial election and then our celebration of Shavuot, we overlooked mentioning the first major public address by Deborah Lipstadt,

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The foundation of all law is justice

As of this writing, it appears that Doug Ford is headed to a second majority government. Ontarians will have elected a new government by the time this update is posted. As Shabbat ends, tomorrow night, Jews around the world in

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A great dream about educational affordability

In discussing the Torah portion last week (Parashat Behar) Rabbi Marc D. Angel called upon religious leadership to help us “dream great dreams, can stay clearly focused on the long span of the future.” “It is understood that not everyone

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Education is the heavy equipment

The horrific slaughter last week of innocents outside Buffalo was the latest publicized violent manifestation of hatred and contempt for others. It enraged and saddened us. But alas, it surprised us little. Indeed, who knows how many “lesser” incidents of

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‘The essential connective thread’

With Pesach, the overcast skies and the cool, damp temperatures of early Spring behind us, we are inclined to broad smiles and happy sighs by the blue skies and warmer temperatures of deep, mid-Spring. The looming summer means we are

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We have not yet lost our hope

This week we completed the remembrance and commemoration of a quartet of Springtime dates that are vital in fashioning our framework of values as individuals as a people: Pesach, Yom Hashoah v’Hagvurah, Yom Hazicaron and Yom Ha’atzma’ut. Indeed, they comprise

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Seeking more choice in schooling

Alberta provides funding to its independent schools. It recognizes the importance to its residents and the benefit to its society in doing so. Nevertheless the discussion is still engaged there about how to refine and whether to expand such funding.

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