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We must clear away the obstacles and the stumbling blocks

Judaism is very protective of human dignity. In our teachings and in our prayers we are taught to treat the next person with utmost respect, careful not to harm his or her self-image. Indeed, it is not an overstatement that

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Expecting the new government to do what is right

Ontario has a new government. The Progressive Conservative party has won a majority mandate to govern. We wish them well. We hope and pray that the new government will govern the province at all times with wisdom, courage and principle.

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Do the right thing: be fair, be just, not expedient or cynical

Ontarians choose a new government next week. The election campaign, alas, has been a tenebrous reflection of politics in the United States. One glaring societal injustice that was ignored during the campaign by all the parties is the ongoing unfairness

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A Match Made in Heaven

The Federation of Teachers in Hebrew Schools of Toronto on May 24 held a celebratory dinner event in honour of the 70th anniversary of modern Israel’s independence. It was a festive yet thoughtful evening in which numerous speakers delivered remarks

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Finding our courage to do the right thing

With the setting of the sun at the end of Shabbat this weekend, the Jewish calendar changes seamlessly into the Festival of Shavuot. Pesach was the first step toward our collective sense of peoplehood. But it is Shavuot that established

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Jewish education is an imperative intervention

From time to time, GAJE has brought readers’ attention to the work of the Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI), a policy planning think tank based in Jerusalem whose mission is a rather lofty but vital one: “to ensure the thriving

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We Believe that We Can Change People’s Lives and the World

Earlier this week, in celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary of statehood, Andrés Spokoiny, the former head of Federation CJA in Montreal, now the president and CEO of the Jewish Funders Network, delivered powerful, inspiring remarks to a group of some

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