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Recapping the community’s role in strengthening day schools

Prizmah, is a New-York based organization that supports North American Jewish day schools with all manner of services and resources to “help them grow their reach and impact and tackle the challenges on their paths to success.”Last week, on its website,

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More parents mobilizing for an end to the discrimination

The new year brings news that more parents have decided to mobilize to try to end the provincial government’s discrimination in its educational funding policies against independent schools. GAJE was advised that a new group called Parents of Ontario Independent

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Kindness and fundamental justice

Despite the unceasing medical, economic, emotional, psychological and physical stresses of the past 21 months, the institutions of our society remain intact. The democratic underpinnings of our way of life are strong and unyielding. That is not the case, as

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Finding strength to deal with more distress

The “other” calendar year is now winding down. Two Fridays remain in 2021. Once again, we must find our resolve to “lift” ourselves to ward off – as much as we are able – the harm from the ever evolving,

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Ontario entrenched in reflexive, unthinking policy

Last week Ontario agreed to make Rapid Covid Antigen Testing Kits available to families of independent schools. In light of the rising tide of the Omicron variant, it could hardly have done otherwise. Protecting children’s lives should be high on

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Let us remedy the breach

Heavy-handed, oppressive, cynical and self-serving behaviour by governments around the world have created, over the years, a healthy scepticism for the notion that human rights universally carry meaning and weight and a measure of importance countries and societies other than

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Heartless in Ontario

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk issued her annual report this week. Not surprisingly her staff discovered and uncovered sums of money that were spent ill spent. Among her findings, as reported by CBC, Ontario disbursed more than $200 million to businesses

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Sharing an important community message

As readers of this weekly update know, GAJE’s core mission is to try to help make Jewish education affordable for as many young families that seek it for their children. Our mission, of course, flows directly from the belief that

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Truth, fairness: the right thing to do

Readers of this space know that GAJE is planning a lawsuit to try to end the Government of Ontario’s funding discrimination against Jewish (and other) independent schools. In the year 2021, in a society that cherishes its democratic rights and

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‘Appealing to the imagination of our children’

More than in most weeks, many of us sanctified some of the hours in our lives this week in the remembrance of “things past” – specifically, Kristallnacht and Remembrance Day. In truth, of course, what we remember is never merely

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