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Seeking ‘equitable access’ for independent schools

An op-ed appeared this week in The Toronto Sun co-written by Deani Van Pelt and David Hunt under the headline “Publicly-educated parents seeking other options for kids”. The writers are co-authors of the study ‘Who Chooses Ontario Independent Schools and

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Investing in education is important

The Canadian Jewish News (CJN) this week featured an article entitled “The unequal cost of Jewish education in Canada.” It is a source of important information. The reporter, Alex Rose, deftly covered the three most compelling aspects of Jewish education,

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May the coming school year be excellent for all

School returns next week for most of our children. As we know, the first day – the first week – can be fraught with anxiety and worry for the youngest and the oldest. Even as our children look forward to

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‘Philanthropy works. We just need more of it.’

Rabbi Jay Kelman – the founder of Torah in Motion, a teacher at TanenbaumCHAT and one of GAJE’s founding members – has written a persuasive article in which he points to the irrefutable power of pointedly directed and pointedly monitored

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The Teacher as Hero

This week’s update is effectively a continuation of the insights published week from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ commentary on the Torah portion Matot-Masei. From that portion, Rabbi Sacks taught that “Jews became the people whose heroes were teachers, whose citadels were

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Education counts the most in the long run

Last week’s update brought readers’ attention to the insights of Rabbi Marc D. Angel, who, in his commentary on the weekly Torah portion, urges us never to succumb to frustration or despair when the task at hand is so very

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Our hopes energize us

Summertime has just inched past the halfway point. In one month our children return to school. Alas, we cannot yet say that for most families Jewish education for their children is more affordable today than it was last year. But

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