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The life-sustaining, strengthening sum of individual acts of kindness

Overcoming the viral pandemic surpasses all other causes in urgency and immediate priority. All other causes, values, purposes and moral principles flow into this one worldwide obligation: “defeat” the virus, treat the sick, save lives. Those of us not “in

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Mutual obligation, the value that protects us

Last week when the full threatening force of the Covid-19 pandemic spawned governments around the world to invoke preventative medico-legal measures, the President of the State of Israel, Reuven Rivlin sent a video message specifically directed at the Jewish communities

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Into the darkness blazing with light

The first week of school-at-home did not go without glitches. Indeed the Internet was a busy thoroughfare trafficking funny, sanity-saving, but all too-true memes of parental frustration with and adjustment to the complications of forced home schooling. But that it

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Social distancing still requires mutual concern and persistent attention

The swiftly imposed series of emergency responses to the COVID-19 crisis has contributed to the wildfire spread, in some quarters, of anxiety and dread. In these circumstances, a GAJE update regarding educational affordability might appear to be more vanity than

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The self-renewing, perpetual gift

A remarkable demonstration of individual and communal generosity took place this week in the GTA. Parents, grandparents, family, friends and others interested in ensuring a thriving perpetuity for Jewish education donated $6,598,043, from 5,874 gifts over a 24-hour period in

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‘Dare we fail our generation?’

Prof. Paul Socken, distinguished professor emeritus and founder of the Jewish studies program at the University of Waterloo, published an important commentary in The CJN last week (Feb. 20, 2020). Entitled “The poor had to sacrifice everything for education”, Socken

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How Ontario can truly improve its delivery of education

The ongoing labour dispute within Ontario’s public education sector gives one pause. It also gives one an opportunity to reflect, again, on whether the current educational funding system is the one that serves all Ontarians best. Indeed, does it even

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