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For the sake of our people…and for the sake of truth

The impact of the news story felt more like a knife into the heart than a shudder of concern. The JTA last week published the results of a survey of Jewish voters in the United States. The survey was commissioned

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Ontario’s discrimination being noticed at home and abroad

Ontario’s anachronistic, unfair, discriminatory educational funding policies are not only an abiding concern for GAJE and for the parents of children attending Jewish day schools or indeed all independent schools in the province. They have now also caught the wider

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The values that underpin our cause

David Matas was featured in an article last week in Canadian Lawyer Magazine. Under the headline, Human Rights Lawyer David Matas Continues to Fight for The Dispossessed, the author of the article, Zena Olijnky, briefly traces Matas’ family history as

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We need your assistance

As we have been advising our readers these past weeks, GAJE is now approaching the final stage of our single-purposed effort to help make day school education affordable to as many families as possible.   Ontario is the only province

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…to students, parents, extended families, teachers and administrators of all our schools for arriving at the conclusion of the second pandemic-affected school year. The discipline, commitment and work for everyone involved across an entire school year are always laden with

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Please help us

As readers of this weekly update know, GAJE – an entirely volunteer group – has been working for more than six years with the single goal of helping make Jewish day school affordable for every family that wishes it for

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It’s not too early to start thinking of next year

Barely two weeks remain in school year 2020-2021, although to refer to these past months as a school year stretches the true meaning of the term. The pandemic put paid to most in-class learning. And yet, schools were always open

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What Jewish education would teach (3)

In the days preceding Pesach 17 years ago, a rash of vandalism broke out in the GTA aimed at Jewish institutions and cemeteries. Such outright miscreant behaviour was relatively rare in our community then. Not surprisingly, many people at the

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What Jewish education would teach (2)

Only the guns and the screams of smashing rockets are silent in Israel and in Gaza. But public spaces on the streets and on the internet here and abroad are overwhelmed with a waterfall of shrill, disgusting expressions of hatred

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What Jewish education would teach

As these words were written, the genocidal regime in Gaza was still sending rockets and other missiles at the villages and cities of Israel, hoping to kill as many people as possible. Israel, of course, was still fighting back, hoping

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