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It’s about more than excellence and academics: it’s about life.

The CJN reported this week that “enrolment at Toronto’s non-Orthodox Jewish day schools has increased for a second consecutive year, reversing a 17-year decline.” Some 3,861 students are enrolled in kindergarten to Grade 8, in non-Orthodox day schools, an increase

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If we don’t believe it is possible, then it won’t be

Like every week, we are reading deeply instructive portions in the Torah reading cycle. This is the time of year when our ancestors Avraham and Sarah effect a revolution in the way much of subsequent humanity would forever imagine the

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Independent Schools contribute to societal wellbeing and health

Last week, we shared with GAJE supporters a recent study by Cardus, on the financial cost of Ontario actually ending its discrimination against independent schools. Cardus, is an independent Canadian think tank whose research makes the case for tolerant, inclusive

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The Fiscal Cost to Support Students in Ontario Independent Schools

In the past, GAJE has referred to original research by Cardus on matters touching upon education policy in Ontario. According to its website, “Cardus is an independent think tank located in the heart of Canada. It is dedicated to “helping

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Jewish schools shine brightly during darker Covid days

The Tishrei holy days have created a choppy, interrupted schedule of learning for the students at day school. But thankfully, the return to school two weeks ago has been uneventful. And may it continue so until June. Earlier in the

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Enriching the education system by bringing independent schools in from the cold

Many learned, expert observers of Ontario’s educational system have noted over the years that there is a deep dysfunction at its core preventing it from excelling to higher levels and from better serving Ontario’s increasingly diverse and notably civically-minded population.

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Teachers’ dedication and work are deeply appreciated

The return this week to school by GTA-area children was accompanied by the earnest hopes and deeply felt prayers of their parents that this coming year be a “normal” one. Parental hopes and prayers are but one side of a

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How to ensure a legacy that has meaning

Next week brings two beginnings: Rosh Hashana 5782 and the return to school for most of our children. It will indeed be a meaningful week. At least for a few moments next week we will likely think about the significance

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Seeking the full justice of the law

The editorial in The Canadian Jewish News on November 28, 1996 was a reaction to the Supreme Court’s release of its decision in the Adler case. It is this case, as readers of this weekly update know, that provides the

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Good schools, Good Citizens

It was not the main or even a minor reason for the Supreme Court’s decision some 25 years ago in the famous Adler case. However, Madame Justice McLachlin’s singularly devastating comment has survived in popular legal folklore and outlasted the

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