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The irreplaceable importance of Jewish education

Dark times require light, some form of illumination.  Thus, pandemic requires a heightened sense of responsibility for others. And, assault on Israel (read Jews) because they are Jews, requires us to champion our Judaism. Thoughts and prayers are necessary but

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Agreed-upon principles

The discussion reimagining Jewish day schools continues in the wide educational community with pointed debate.  Ideas and counter-ideas fill digital screens and travel through the invisible fibre-miraculous pathways of cyberspace with unabating frequency. We are monitoring this discussion only insofar

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Blessing our teachers

The prolonged Covid virus crisis, the need for day schools to adjust to the dread effect of the virus and the successful manner in which many schools did adjust – especially in the GTA – has led some educators to

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Working together to conquer the challenges

Some three decades ago, after worrisome revelations about the state of American Jewry, most community leaders, planners arrived at the conclusion that the most effective way – though not the only way – to ensure Jewish continuity and Jewish engagement

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Ongoing moral offense

The Toronto Star reported this week that the federal government is giving Queen’s Park $525.2 million to help schools pay for Covid-19 related health measures. The provincial government is adding $131.3 million to this amount for a total of $656.5

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Other voices are protesting too

The Government of Ontario’s preoccupation with containing and eliminating Covid-19 and its manifold harmful societal effects is, of course, entirely appropriate and the correct policy imperative of the moment. Paying no attention however – or worse – being indifferent to

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Without political will, we must turn to the law

The creation by UJA Federation of Greater of the Generations Trust Scholarship, as we wrote last week, is a giant step at enabling more families to provide a Jewish day school education to their children. It is an innovative, positive

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UJA Federation plants seeds for the future

The holiday of Pesach is the quintessential commemoration of Jewish history and peoplehood. Education – teaching and tender, loving hands-on instruction of children – by their parents, grandparents and other hoary heads, is the celebratory core of the holiday. How

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It is wrong to prefer one group over another

As we have written before, the federal government has given Ontario some $763 million through the Safe Return to Class Fund. The amount of the funds was calculated on the number of all children between the ages of 4-18 attending

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A year of pandemic pivot (2)

One year after Covid-19, communal educational professionals continue to take stock of what was gained, lost and learned over this past unprecedented year. Thus, this week we offer another observation of the way Jewish Day Schools navigated through the pandemic

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