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Collaboration must be reciprocal

(This update is dedicated to the memory of David Wm. Brown) Ours is not the only independent school community whose sensibilities have been ignored and even betrayed by the Government of Ontario. This week a coalition of independent school spokespeople

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Please get involved

We have been advised that the Government of Ontario refuses to distribute to independent schools any of the monies from the federal government’s Safe Return to Class Fund because such schools operate as “independent businesses or non-profit organizations”. At a

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Wholly unsupportable

Ontario’s Minister of Education this week announced that the government was providing “an additional $381 million, provided through the federal government’s Safe Return to Class Fund to keep schools safe from COVID-19.” In making the announcement, Education Minister Stephen Lecce

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Every Ontario student should be safe from COVID-19

The Supporting Students Campaign, about which GAJE has written in the past few weeks, points to the pledge that Ontario’s Education Minister Stephen Lecce committed two weeks ago to all parents of children in school.  “To ensure our schools remain

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Still trying to persuade the government to do the right thing

We have noted in the past few weeks that the Government of Ontario is slated this month to distribute the second – final – tranche of federally-granted Covid-19 relief funds to the schools of the province. Indeed, the government may

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Doing what is right

Two weeks ago, in his comment on the Torah portion, Vayhi, Rabbi Marc D. Angel, founder of The Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, pointed precisely and eloquently to the essential qualities that must typify the behaviour of would-be leaders.

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Growing Jewish Day School Enrollment

Before the end of last year, Paul Bernstein, CEO, Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools, published an article that was of a piece with many written in the latter part of the year calling attention to the excellence of Jewish

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New year, old discrimination

Turning the last page on 2020 reminds us that GAJE has been advocating for affordable Jewish education for more than five years. The overall condition of Jewish education in the GTA – tuition, enrollment, excellence – has noticeably improved these

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Essential? Yes. Jewish Education

Covid-19’s effect on the delivery of education continues to generate a great deal of expert professional commentary. Arielle Levites, Managing Director of the Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education, (CASJE) and Alex Pomson, Principal and Managing Director at Rosov

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Sharing the educational experience

With the winter school break soon upon all families, it is time once again to reflect upon the remarkably successful manner in which the Jewish day schools adapted through the Covid pandemic. Of course, we dare not be too self-congratulatory,

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