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Ontario could provide more choice, but refuses

The illogic of Ontario’s education funding merely sharpens the sting of its unfairness. Public, social and educational policy experts continue to point out that Ontario’s approach to education is anachronistic. It is anchored in an old model that no longer

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A review of first principles

The first weekly update of the new calendar year is an appropriate observation post from which, briefly, to look back to where we have been and to scan the horizon for the hopeful sunrise of fair educational funding. In three

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Summing up to this point…

As the last page from the calendar year 2022 falls away tomorrow night, we provide a brief update summary of developments in our legal challenge to Ontario’s ongoing, discriminatory refusal to fund Jewish day schools. Regular readers of this weekly

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Inside Jewish Day Schools (CHAT)

In last week’s GAJE report, we introduced readers to the recently published work Inside Jewish Day Schools by internationally recognized scholars of Jewish life and Jewish education Alex Pomson and Jack Wertheimer. The authors examined the day-to-day operations of nine

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Inside Jewish Day Schools (1)

Alex Pomson and Jack Wertheimer have written a fascinating, informative work entitled Inside Jewish Day Schools. The authorsare uniquely qualified to have undertaken the study. Both are internationally recognized scholars of Jewish life and Jewish education. Pomson is Principal & Managing

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A comprehensive primer for achieving affordability

Last month, Dan Held, UJA’s Chief Program Officer, published an article for Prizmah, the North America-wide network for Jewish day schools that supports schools with services such as resources, research, programming, school services and peer-to-peer connections. In the article, entitled

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The landscape of independent schools in Ontario (2)

Last week, we reported on the publication of the study by Cardus, the public policy think tank, entitled Naturally Diverse: The Landscape of Independent Schools in Ontario. The study is a timely work of research that provides current, detailed data

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Dispelling the stereotypes, finally

Ontario is the glaring outlier among the six most populous provinces in Canada, adamantly and illogically refusing to extend public funds to independent schools. It has always been assumed that one of the reasons for Ontario’s obstinacy has been the

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Substantively appropriate, fair and equitable

The unresolved contractual dispute between the Ministry of Education and the CUPE-represented, non-teaching, education workers of the province breathes more life into theproposition that the education funding structure in Ontario is anachronistic and in need ofremedy. In an article published

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Funding independent schools is good for democracy

Some weeks ago, we brought readers attention to an article by David Hunt, education director at the think-tank Cardus, published in the Financial Post that responded to an op-ed in The Globe and Mail calling for Ontario to stop funding

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