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UJA stepping into the Covid-19 school affordability breach

The festival of Shavuot begins tonight, May 28. It was at this history-changing assembly at the foot of humble Mount Sinai that the obligation to educate our children found its origin and thus too, ultimately, the obligation to establish universal

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A formidable and dynamic force

The rich offerings of articles about Jewish education continues unabated. Covid-19 has been the spur for this proliferation. Many of the resulting speculations deserve our attention. Lynn W. Raviv, a founding member and past president of RAVSAK, an organizational network

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Towards the future of Jewish education

The JTA has engaged a number of thinker/writers to anticipate and reflect upon different aspects of the post-pandemic Jewish future. The article appears in a series called Visions for the post-pandemic Jewish world: Imagining a better future. Henry Abramson, dean

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Jewish Day School Education – Now As Much As Ever

David Zimand, the Head of School at Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto, California published an article this week the eJewish Philanthropy website in which he says that day school education can play a special role in guiding

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The Future of Jewish Education

Our children and grandchildren will soon be veterans of two-months of “remote learning”. Educators, pedagogues, social scientists, psychologists, and a large number of other interested and expert observers around the world are carefully studying the new, pandemic-originated educational environment and

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Let us thank our teachers and educators

The end of the Pesach holiday meant the return to school.  But just like Pandemic Pesach was so very different than all other Pesachs, so too is Pandemic School. Children, parents, and teachers are well aware of the “successes” and

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Worrying in the right way

Rabbi Marc D. Angel the founder of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals offers a mini theological “pep-talk” for maintaining our emotional and all other personal stabilities through these very difficult Covid days. As his basis for discussion, he

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Expressing gratitude, affirming hope

Pesach 2020 is here. Who would have thought that the annual liturgical reference to plagues would be ever more than a compelling reference point in the Haggadah? We have been enjoined by God to be a holy people. “Holy” is

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The life-sustaining, strengthening sum of individual acts of kindness

Overcoming the viral pandemic surpasses all other causes in urgency and immediate priority. All other causes, values, purposes and moral principles flow into this one worldwide obligation: “defeat” the virus, treat the sick, save lives. Those of us not “in

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Mutual obligation, the value that protects us

Last week when the full threatening force of the Covid-19 pandemic spawned governments around the world to invoke preventative medico-legal measures, the President of the State of Israel, Reuven Rivlin sent a video message specifically directed at the Jewish communities

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