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Strong day schools, strong communities

From time to time, GAJE points out that communities across North America are mobilizing to strengthen the Jewish educational and day school system. We do so again with this update. Paul Bernstein, the founding CEO of Prizmah: Center for Jewish

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The human quality is the centre of our schools

The reason GAJE was formed some three years ago was to help the community make Jewish education affordable to the many families in our community for whom it has become increasingly out of reach financially. In the process, we have

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The task is clear. It is also urgent.

Earlier this week the Board of Directors of The Leo Baeck Day School announced its decision to close its campus in Thornhill at the end of this school year. The president of the school’s board, Dr. Lisa Dack, succinctly and

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Jewish identity is key to the Jewish future: PM Netanyahu

The General Assembly of Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) convened this year in Jerusalem. As part of the proceedings last week, JFNA Chairman Richard V. Sandler interviewed Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The interview covered a lot of ground,

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Solving affordability through urgency and creativity

An article in last week’s Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters News – since posted on GAJE’s website – describes how the Jewish community of Myrtle Beach innovated a solution to the problem of the unaffordability of Jewish education there. The Future

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Discrimination that can now be ended

Earlier this month The CJN published an article that tracked “the cost of being Jewish in Canada”. It provided the average cost of six different markers of Jewish life – challah, synagogue, day school, real estate, summer camp and burial

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Are we responding to the significant challenges?

Professor Steven Windmueller teaches at Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. He has just published an essay that examines the informative Pew Report of five years ago that examined the characteristics of the Jewish community in the United States. Appropriately

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