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Saying: “Thank you. You mean a great deal to us” to our teachers

Teachers have always been revered and even lionized in Jewish tradition. We have understood from our first days as a people how important teachers are in fulfilling the divine instruction, across every generation, to teach our children the hallowed ways

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Last month (Feb. 8) GAJE wrote about the upcoming ORT Toronto Gala 2019 for Jewish Education. It is a unique endeavour for our community that replicates a successful approach in Montreal to fundraising for formal and informal Jewish educational institutions

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Warmed by an important reminder in the cold of middle winter

With the first official day of Spring less than one month away, we take heart if not also hope that we have perhaps passed Winter’s harshest blast. In barely less than one month we will celebrate Purim. One month later,

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A bold plan to reimagine “yesterday’s schools”

It is now beyond doubt that the future of Jewish education is one of the most frequently discussed subjects around the community’s proverbial “water cooler.” The epicentre of the discussion usually focuses on the tuition costs of such education. Affordability

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New, unique fundraiser for local schools

Generosity, caring, giving, helping — tzedakah in the full and profoundly moving meaning of the word –- are embedded into the deep DNA structure of the Jewish people. From the modest “pushka” into which regular attendees at synagogue drop their

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At the forefront

Anna Pava, Chair of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) Office of Education and Engagement published an instructive, important article this past week on the eJewishPhilanthropy website. Entitled Redefining Jewish Education: Federations’ Goals for a New Century, Pava writes

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Make your views known

As most of the readers of this weekly update know, CIJA–The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs–is a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy agency of the Jewish Federations of Canada. Its broad mandate is to be a voice to government and other

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