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The telling relationship: lower tuition, higher enrollment

Readers know that GAJE follows day school “affordability” initiatives in other North American communities. One of the initiatives on which we have written from time to time is the Open Door program at San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA). An update

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The best way to repay Rabbi Sacks is with education

The shock of the news of the passing last week of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks still resonates, still leaves an aching sorrow. His teaching and wisdom will echo through the generations even as his memory will bring countless blessings to those

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Seeking Budgetary inclusion and fairness

These words were written before the Government of Ontario delivered its Budget for 2020. It is beyond dispute that planning for and budgeting governmental expenditures during an unsubdued, cruel pandemic is unenviably challenging. And there is no denying that fiscal

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Covid-19 shines clear light on Ontario’s unfair educational funding

Time and again, GAJE, has pointed out that apart from the Atlantic provinces, all of the other provinces contribute funds to the operating budgets of independent schools. Ontario, the largest by population and, one can still say, the wealthiest province,

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LIFE & LEGACY additional step to educational affordability

The disruption and distress of Covid-19 still punish populations around the world, including ours. But Covid-19 also provided the opportunity for the community’s day schools to demonstrate their excellence and respective capabilities to turn quickly and effectively on disaster’s dime

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A first step in overhauling the system

Earlier this month, The Globe and Mail published an op-ed by Paul W. Bennett, the director of Schoolhouse Institute, entitled “Canada’s Bureaucratic School System Needs a Top-To-Bottom Overhaul”. This mini-essay was adapted from Bennett’s book The State of the System:

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Online learning possibility for teens

In the past we have informed readers of the existence of ADRABA, an online Jewish learning experience for teens using cutting edge technology and best practices in education. Last week ADRABA announced that its Autumn program begins on October 19

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Pandemic points to turning point

Two weeks ago, we directed attention to the “remarkable achievement”, that despite — and in some way, on account of — the Covid pandemic, enrollment in our day schools had actually increased for the first time in 17 years. Adam

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Experts observe

As planning for the start of the school year yielded to performing, many educators offered their reflections and insights about the lessons learned over the past six months of pandemic-related “revolution”. Seven acknowledged experts in the fields of Early Childhood

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Well done

The self-reflection and the purposeful soul-searching that are the individual, private gateways to Rosh Hashanah compel us to dedicate this last missive of 5780 to the diverse, caring, giving Jewish community of the GTA. We do so in keeping with

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