Online learning possibility for teens

In the past we have informed readers of the existence of ADRABA, an online Jewish learning experience for teens using cutting edge technology and best practices in education. Last week ADRABA announced that its Autumn program begins on October 19 by offering three online courses to teens across Ontario.

In keeping with GAJE’s mission to encourage and facilitate as many children as possible in having Jewish education, we bring the news from ADRABA to the attention of our readers.

The brainchild of three Jewish educators and curriculum, ADRABA is based on the belief that learning is “best enhanced when tech is judiciously – not perpetually.” ADRABA and its experience in online education pre-date the unwelcome arrival of Covid-19.

The online courses offered this fall are:

  • Comparative Religion / Jewish History explores the birth and evolution of the three monotheistic religions.
  • Chosen Food cooks up a healthy portion of Jewish history and culture through the flavours of our diverse cuisines.
  • Philosophy prepares learners to join a millennia-old conversation about the biggest questions that face us as humans.

Each course meets twice a week – Mondays and Wednesdays – for one hour for synchronous online learning via ZOOM and is designed to create opportunities for learners to increase their Jewish literacy and engagement with our tradition and values. Through the use of technology, ADRABA aims to personalize learning goals to meet learner needs.

ADRABA is a recognized private school by the Ontario Ministry of Education and awaits inspection to secure its accreditation. We are also a CRA registered not-for-profit institution.

The fee for each course is $613. Tax-receipts will be provided.

For more information, visit the website at or send a note to


Be safe. Stay safe. Be well. Stay well. Be strong. Stay strong.

Shabbat shalom. Chag Samayach.


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