Will Ontario will be fair to our schools too?

The news this week that the federal government is transferring some $2B to the provinces to help schools be ready to receive students in our new Covid-19 world was gratifying. Ontario is slated to receive up to $760 million.

That the federal government has earmarked funds for the exclusive provincial jurisdictional purpose of education is itself a novel and, we would add, a welcome development. We must ask however, whether all taxpaying Canadians will benefit from this initiative. Will any of the funds be shared with independent schools?

We hope this is a question that penetrates the hearts of all Ontarians.

We also hope that our community advocates are pursuing the possibility with the Government of Ontario. The common humanity of the situation cries out for positive government response. This is ever more so compelling for students with learning disabilities in independent schools who receive differentiated health support services, if any at all, from students dealing with exactly the same disability who attend publicly-funded schools.

We urge readers of this update to contact their Member of the Provincial Parliament to make the case for disbursing some of the newly-received Covid-19 funds on behalf of the families whose children attend independent schools.

Will the Government of Ontario be fair to our community’s schools too?


Be safe. Stay safe. Be well. Stay well. Be strong. Stay strong.

Shabbat shalom


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