Return-to-school ideas welcome

Many years ago Joni Mitchell reminded us quite poetically that even dragging our heels won’t help to slow down the inevitable, cyclical return of the seasons.

And so, even now, some six weeks before school resumes after Labour Day, educators administrators, and community planners are forging the best instructional possibilities and learning environments for our children and grandchildren for the first day of school.

This very process is happening throughout most of the pandemic-struck world.

UJA’s Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education welcomes serious-minded input from concerned individuals on the question of how best to bring our children back to school in September.

Daniel Held, the executive director of the Centre has issued an invitation to the caring public to offer suggestions and share ideas on this important matter. He asked:

“Do you have suggestions for space or facilities that our community’s schools could use to spread out classes and student activities?”

“Have you seen a brilliant approach to physical distance learning that enables children to safely gather in person?”

If you do, please send ideas and suggestions to

The Centre will share the best ideas with their partner schools.

Alas, it is true we cannot slow down the circles of seasonal renewal. The carousel of time turns in its indefatigable inevitability. But what is not inevitable is our ability to become involved earnestly and purposefully in time’s turning, to do our utmost to make the renewal more meaningful and possibly too more successful for our young ones.

Shabbat shalom.

Be well. Stay well.


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