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Heartfelt thanks and virtual hugs to our teachers (2)

It is not excessive, given the unusual circumstances of the educational year just concluded, to repeat a statement of thanks to all of the teachers of all our students. The following statement was written last week by one of the

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Heartfelt thanks and virtual hugs to our teachers

Most of the schools in our community this week completed their academic programs for the year. It was an unprecedented year. Without any real notice or time to prepare, daily life across planet earth was thrown into medical emergency, societal

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Minority (language) education rights affirmed in B.C.

The attempt to ameliorate educational policy injustices still comes before the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC). According to reports in the media, the Supreme Court last week compelled the government of British Columbia to ensure that francophone speakers, even where

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Alberta affirms importance of independent schools

While our attention has been focused on pandemic concerns and more recently on the social and civil tumult in the United States, many of us may have missed an interesting piece of news out of Alberta. On May 28, the

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‘Now more than ever, fight for Jewish education’

Many professional and lay observers have noted how much more effectively day schools responded to the pandemic educational upheaval than did public schools. In last week’s update we mentioned that three major media outlets reported on the swift, substantive pivot

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UJA stepping into the Covid-19 school affordability breach

The festival of Shavuot begins tonight, May 28. It was at this history-changing assembly at the foot of humble Mount Sinai that the obligation to educate our children found its origin and thus too, ultimately, the obligation to establish universal

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A formidable and dynamic force

The rich offerings of articles about Jewish education continues unabated. Covid-19 has been the spur for this proliferation. Many of the resulting speculations deserve our attention. Lynn W. Raviv, a founding member and past president of RAVSAK, an organizational network

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Towards the future of Jewish education

The JTA has engaged a number of thinker/writers to anticipate and reflect upon different aspects of the post-pandemic Jewish future. The article appears in a series called Visions for the post-pandemic Jewish world: Imagining a better future. Henry Abramson, dean

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Jewish Day School Education – Now As Much As Ever

David Zimand, the Head of School at Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto, California published an article this week the eJewish Philanthropy website in which he says that day school education can play a special role in guiding

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The Future of Jewish Education

Our children and grandchildren will soon be veterans of two-months of “remote learning”. Educators, pedagogues, social scientists, psychologists, and a large number of other interested and expert observers around the world are carefully studying the new, pandemic-originated educational environment and

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