Teaching is important and urgent

GAJE is attempting to help make Jewish education in the GTA affordable. To be embraced by families that education must be affordable and held in high esteem – seen to be important for its own sake as the one of the key ways by which Jewish continuity will be achieved. It must also be seen to be excellent.

This means of course that our schools must be run efficiently. They must integrate best practices as well as the best technology affordable. In addition, of course, and perhaps most important, they must employ the best teachers possible.

Joshua Seth Ladon , Bay Area Manager for the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America and a doctoral student in Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary, recently wrote a compelling meditation about teaching that appeared on the Times of Israel website. Ladon unambiguously writes, “teaching is a job that feels deeply important, urgent.” How very true. We commend the article.

Let us never forget that excellent teachers are the backbone of the educational system- all educational systems – into whose care we place our children each day.


The Tishrei autumn holiday period comes to an end this week. Chag Samayach. Shabbat Shalom. Soon back to work in a normal, non-truncated work schedule.

Be well.

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