An opportunity for educators to innovate new educational ideas

The imperative to make Jewish education more affordable requires us to reimagine the funding of the overall system. It also requires us to reimagine the delivery of education.

Education can and must be delivered efficiently and responsibly, in a manner that incorporates the very best of established practices with the very best of new, innovative, technologically advanced practices.

The excellence of the education must be manifest to all so that young families will never be reluctant to seek affordable “Jewish education” for their children.

Many organizations and groups are now engaged in trying to ensure that Jewish education is indeed manifestly excellent to all who seek it.

For example, The Davidson School at JTS, with the support of the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, is launching a yearlong Fellowship in Educating for Applied Jewish Wisdom to attract educators “to co-create exemplary educational models” in the broad field of Jewish education.

The creators of the fellowship ask: “What are the best ways to educate the rising generations of Jews so that they can glean meaning, purpose, and even happiness from the Jewish tradition? How will all these inspire and enable Jews to shape a better world that supports the thriving of all of us?”

We hope that the educators accepted to this program find answers to these questions.

We urge educators from our community to get involved in seeking out the answers and in finding ways to implement them for our children and grandchildren.

The article announcing the creation of the fellowship can be found at:


Chag Samayach and Shabbat Shalom.

Be well.

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