Weekly Update: March 11, 2016 — 1 Adar II 5776

  • The Limmud Toronto Conference last weekend was a tremendous success. Large numbers of people attended the conference and enthusiastically participated in the diverse offerings of study, discussion and debate.

The presentation by Jeff Stutz on behalf of GAJE was well received. Participants reported that the presentation was instructive and at times, inspiring.

  • We are in the planning stages of a community event to be held later this year. The objective of the event will be to further discuss how our community can start taking urgently needed steps to resolve the affordability crisis. Details will follow in due course.

• • •

In sharing his thoughts on Parshat Pekudei, Rabbi Marc Angel, the leader of The Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals in New York, writes about the importance of offering praise for praiseworthy behaviour.

Rabbi Angel suggests “May the Shekhinah rest upon the work of our hands” is the highest form of praise a person can receive. Knowing that one is doing praiseworthy work, Rabbi Angel says, will evoke a “feeling of spiritual bliss” which he adds is “the ultimate human fulfillment.”

This is the blessing of praise we extend to all individuals and organizations, parents, teachers and administrators who strive to make Jewish education available and affordable to the children of our community.  May the “Shekhinah rest upon the work of your hands” and may you all, as a result, experience that sense of “ultimate human fulfillment” knowing that what you are doing is immensely important for the future generations of Jews.

• • •

Shabbat shalom.


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