Weekly Update: March 4, 2016 — 24 Adar I 5776

GAJE will be part of the Limmud Toronto Conference this weekend on Sunday March 6. We hope that you will attend the conference and especially the session concerning GAJE. We hope that you will tell friends and family about the conference and urge them to attend too.

For information about the conference, visit www.Limmud.ca.


We have posted an article entitled “The Day School Enterprise Can Succeed” on the Articles page of our website. It appeared in late February on the eJewish Philanthropy website.

The nub of the article deals with the importance of day schools in fostering a sense of Jewish vitality for the future while acknowledging the many problems that beset the day school structure in North America.

“Where we all agree is that Jewish day schools are a vital component of any vibrant Jewish ecosystem. As communities grapple with how to creatively and strategically engage the next generation of Jews they must not forget that day school education offers an unparalleled depth of knowledge, strength of identity building, and richness of community for students and families.

“Communities must chip away at the challenges inherent in the current Jewish day school model with strategies that maximize resources and continue to make day schools attractive to a broad range of families.”

That is precisely why GAJE has formed. We are trying to help steer a community-wide conversation not only to ensure that day schools remain attractive to the a broad range of families but rather more, to ensure the permanent viability of Jewish education in its fullest sense in our community.

Our community-wide is being mirrored throughout communities in North America. Federation professionals, lay leaders, organizations, think-tanks, foundations, and parents and grandparents of students in day schools around throughout North America are mobilizing to for the same purpose.

The complete article can be accessed from the Articles page on our website.


Shabbat shalom.


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