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L’dor v’dor – the truly enduring gift

Earlier this month, a family of philanthropists in Chicago, owners of homes for the aged in the area, announced a “ground-breaking, cross generational effort totalling $11 million to support and sustain Jewish day school education across the Chicago Jewish community.”

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To our children: congratulations!

To our community: let’s finally resolve to make education affordable “A people which two thousand years ago had already pioneered compulsory education for boys and which in its educational endeavour and community sponsorship was far superior to its neighbours, including

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It’s been a year. Let the government hear from us

Just over a year ago Doug Ford was elected to form the government of Ontario. He became the province’s 26th premier. The year has veritably galloped across the field of time. With one week left in the school year, it

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‘Encouraging questions encourages learning’

Israeli-based author Maayan Gutbezahl posted an article on Jeducation World entitled Let My People Know: The Steinsaltz Approach to Jewish Education that explores the radically thoughtful approach to teaching established by the renown scholar, writer, educator, thinker. In the course of

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Good intentions are not enough

In his commentary this week on parshat Behukotai, Rabbi Marc D. Angel, inspires us that we can take to heart in our efforts to make Jewish education truly affordable. He imparts the message that it is vital for individuals to

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Cultural virtuosity possible through day school

People familiar with modern scholarship in the field of Jewish education know Alex Pomson. He is Principal and Managing Director of Rosov Consulting Israel, and is renowned worldwide as an expert on Jewish day school. Pomson also has a special

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An innovate effort

We  – and many others before us – have often made the point that the best, though not only, way of ensuring a meaningful, vibrant, compassionate, active, diversely Jewish community in the future is through education. Education is the foundation

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The candles we lit

The two weeks on the Jewish calendar after Pesach continue with the powerful theme of peoplehood so poignantly introduced and taught in our forebears’ exodus from Egypt. Yesterday, the 27th day of Nisan, we commemorated Yom Hashoah v’Hagvurah. Next week

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Each day we put it off, we fail our kids

The affordability of Jewish education may actually be the pre-eminent subject on the agenda of most Jewish communities in North America. It certainly is one of the most talked about around community “water coolers”.   One of the most recent

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‘Time for a paradigm shift’

Aaron Blumenfeld and Ira Walfish, well-known, long committed activists for social justice in the Jewish and broader community, recently published an article in The CJN (Complacency not an Option When it Comes to School Funding, April 7, 2019). They pleaded

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