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We  – and many others before us – have often made the point that the best, though not only, way of ensuring a meaningful, vibrant, compassionate, active, diversely Jewish community in the future is through education. Education is the foundation that will permanently support the communal structure. The singular purpose of making Jewish education more affordable, therefore, is to bring more children into Jewish schools.

The key, however, is getting more children into Jewish schools. That is the preeminent cause, the success of which will reap long-lasting cultural, moral and societal benefits.

That is why GAJE has always let our readers know about the other important and innovative attempts in the community to seat more children in the chairs of a Jewish school. ADRABA is one such innovative effort. We have written about it in the past.

ADRABA, the reimagined Jewish high school, whose doors are slated to open in the fall of 2019 has announced that it is launching a part-time program in September.    

ADRABA organizers advise that the school will meet twice a week, once at its 47 Glenbrook Ave. location and once in a “satellite location” that will rotate around the GTA based on numbers and neighbourhoods.  The course will run from September through June and focus on comparative religion (which is, essentially, Medieval Jewish history).  The cost will be $500.  

For further information about this part-time program, you are asked to email Dan Aviv at or at this email (  There’s also a bot at the ADRABA website ( as well as at their Facebook page

More opportunities for our children to acquire Jewish education are to be encouraged and always welcome.


Shabbat Shalom


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