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The Teacher as Hero

This week’s update is effectively a continuation of the insights published week from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ commentary on the Torah portion Matot-Masei. From that portion, Rabbi Sacks taught that “Jews became the people whose heroes were teachers, whose citadels were

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Education counts the most in the long run

Last week’s update brought readers’ attention to the insights of Rabbi Marc D. Angel, who, in his commentary on the weekly Torah portion, urges us never to succumb to frustration or despair when the task at hand is so very

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Our hopes energize us

Summertime has just inched past the halfway point. In one month our children return to school. Alas, we cannot yet say that for most families Jewish education for their children is more affordable today than it was last year. But

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Looking at Ontario’s educational system

Randall Denley, an Ottawa political commentator and former Ontario PC candidate, offered a commentary last week in the National Post on the state of Ontario’s educational system. Our system features four types of publicly funded school boards and as he

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Parents refuse to believe they are helpless

The problem of unaffordable Jewish education in our community will be solved when the full community mobilizes to solve it. This means that men and women and families from across the spectrum of Jewish communal life must become involved or

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Strengthening society through viable independent schools

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has succinctly and pointedly expressed the deeply rooted, permanently engrained significance of education to the Jewish people. In his collection of essays, From Optimism to Hope, he wrote: “Long ago the Jewish people came to the conclusion

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From common ground to the shared target

Ever since the Supreme Court of Canada in 1996 declared constitutional Ontario’s unfair educational funding policies, the community has been stymied in attempting to fulfil its historic aim of trying to ensure that every family would be able to afford

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