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Stand up, stand tall

In his commentary on this week’s Torah portion, Va’era, Rabbi Marc D. Angel provides a very powerful insight into merely five words of the Hebrew text. God instructs Moses: “Rise up early in the morning and stand [tall] before Pharaoh…

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Acting today to change tomorrow

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is widely known for the inspiring insights he pulls from the weekly Torah portion. His commentary on this week’s portion, Shemot, is a striking illustration of how the rabbi’s wisdom can be the jet stream, pulling us

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Educational funding should be in line with the rest of Canada

The New Year brings new resolve. As we have written previously in this space, GAJE is moving forward with an attempt to have the law move with the times to compel the government of Ontario to partially fund the cost

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Lower tuition means higher enrolment

The recent article in The CJN entitled More Students Applying To Jewish High School in Toronto is an appropriate springboard for diving, fully confident of mission and means, into the New Year and the new decade. The information contained in

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Faith-based education tends to teach tolerance of others

One of the “throw-away” statements of the Supreme Court in the Adler decision of 1996 was that extending public funding to independent denominational schools would risk tearing the multicultural fabric of our society. Madame Justice Beverley McLachlin made the remark

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The commitment that is also an inspiring vision

This week, we bring readers’ attention to yet another initiative aimed at making Jewish education more affordable from another jurisdiction in North America.  Three weeks ago the Del Mar Times, in California published a story about the progress of the

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Get involved in community-wide collaborative efforts

From time to time we bring readers’ attention to the efforts in other jurisdictions across North America to secure and perpetuate the future of Jewish education. We do so again this week. The Jewish Link, a newspaper serving parts of

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