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From time to time we bring readers’ attention to the efforts in other jurisdictions across North America to secure and perpetuate the future of Jewish education. We do so again this week.

The Jewish Link, a newspaper serving parts of New Jersey, recently published an article by Sam Moed, an education lay activist, entitled The Importance of Day School Education. Despite its title, the article is as much about making day school education affordable as it is about the importance of the education.

Moed introduces the subject in language that is familiar.

“In many Jewish homes, the conversation around the Shabbat table regularly circles back to day school education. Families are grateful that their children attend wonderful schools with resources and opportunities… At the same time, they are often deeply troubled and stressed by the burden of sustaining a Jewish lifestyle and providing a robust Jewish education. Day school affordability continues to be among the most pressing and urgent challenges across Jewish communities in the U.S.

“Like all day school parents, we are motivated by a belief that Jewish education is the single most powerful lever we have to impact the trajectory of future Jewish engagement, identity and vitality. Without this foundation, the molding of generations of strong Jews and Jewish leaders becomes an improbable, if not impossible, task.”

After extensive volunteer involvement with his children’s day school, Moed says his eyes were opened “to the massive undertaking involved in balancing the need to provide a quality Jewish day school education and the financial challenges that come along with it.”

He offers two pieces of advice in furtherance of the mission of ensuring the sustainability and affordability of Jewish day schools:

• Get involved in the schools that are nurturing your children during their most formative years, and

• Implement community-wide collaborative efforts across multiple fronts to make a meaningful difference. Schools, parents and communities must be involved.

Moed then describes his further involvement, on behalf of Jewish education, within the broader New Jersey community as chairman of Teach NJ, an organization attempting to obtain public funding as “a key driver of affordability for day schools.”

GAJE followers will laud and support Moed’s efforts.

“I am acutely aware that we continue to face substantial challenges to deliver excellence while ensuring access and affordability,” Moed states. He expresses the hope that they will ultimately succeed in achieving their hoped-for results. To be successful however, he pleads that this vital mission “be at the top of our communal agenda and every community member and day school parent must be active in solutions”.

We agree.

Moed’s article is available at:


Shabbat Shalom

GAJE, November 29, 2019

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