The cause of affordability is foundational in other places too

The creative, generously philanthropic initiative some four years ago that drastically reduced annual tuition at CHAT proved empirically that enrollment is directly related to tuition. That program became the vanguard for other affordability initiatives by UJA Federation and participating day schools. The programs and results have been noticed in other North American communities. Following the communal will and the programmatic success of local GTA initiatives, other communities have embarked onto their own affordability paths.

For example, the media reported last month upon a series of affordability initiatives among day schools in the Boston area,

• MetroWest Jewish Day School serving Brookline and Worcester, Mass.

The first 15 students from new families who applied to MetroWest Jewish Day School (MWJDS) by March 15 and enroll for the 2022-23 school year will lock in a $15,000 per year tuition rate for two years, with only modest increases thereafter to account for inflation.

Epstein Hillel School (EHS)

EHS announced three new grant programs for families of differing financial means and whose children are at various stages in their Jewish education. The programs are aimed at trying to cap tuition at a family-specific affordable rate to make tuition “within reach for all families

• Schechter Boston

Schechter is trying to attract qualifying families who are new to Jewish day school with a  $10,000 reduction off tuition in kindergarten through grade 2.

• The Rashi School

The schoolannounced two new grant initiatives to reduce tuition to qualifying families.

Of course, the details of each of the programs in each of the schools differ even as each of the schools differ in their various approaches to Jewish education. The key reason in pointing out these initiatives is not for their respective details but rather for the very fact that they are happening at all. GTA community leaders understand that Jewish education is the keystone foundation for permanently meaningful Jewish life. And to enable as many families as possible to have access to Jewish education, it must be affordable. That understanding, that eternal wisdom of Jewish life is increasingly making its way to other communities as well. The cause of educational affordability has become foundational in other places too,


In relation to the application filed in court for fairness in educational funding, GAJE’s lawyers will be meeting soon with the government’s counsel to discuss next steps in the lawsuit. If you wish to contribute to the funding of GAJE’s lawsuit to achieve fairness and justice in educational funding in Ontario, please click here.

For further information, please contact Israel Mida at

Charitable receipts for donations for income tax purposes will be issued by Mizrachi Canada. Your donations will be used for the sole purpose of underwriting the costs of the lawsuit.


Shabbat shalom.  Chag Purim Samayach.

Grassroots for Affordable Jewish Education (GAJE)

March 18, 2022

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