The self-renewing, perpetual gift

A remarkable demonstration of individual and communal generosity took place this week in the GTA. Parents, grandparents, family, friends and others interested in ensuring a thriving perpetuity for Jewish education donated $6,598,043, from 5,874 gifts over a 24-hour period in this year’s annual Day of Giving.

The “speed-giving” charitable event, organized by the Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Education, is a still relatively new, creative innovation on the philanthropic landscape of our community.

The successful program, of course, demonstrates unselfish magnanimity on the part of the donors and the multipliers whose quadrupling of individual gifts was the rocket fuel that launched the fundraising into the heavenly stratosphere. But it also showcases the determination of so many diverse points within our community to meet in the sanctified heart of Jewish education. It was a remarkable geometry of peoplehood.

The success of the annual Day of Giving proves the proposition, yet again, that when the men and women of the community join forces for the patent advancement of the wider wellbeing, positive outcomes will result.

This proposition is also proved in Megillat Esther, which we read next week. Salvation from the rabid peril facing the Jews only resulted after the Jews joined forces together.

Let us take to heart the example of our forebears in ancient Shushan along with that of our neighbours and friends in the GTA this past week.

Let us do all within our power to ensure that Jewish education is forever affordable. For it is Jewish education, that is truly the self-renewing, perpetual gift to all families today and tomorrow intent on embracing life through their Judaism.


Shabbat shalom. Chag Purim Samayach.


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