In praise of day school

Jody Passanisi, the Director of Middle School at Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School in Palo Alto, recently published an article entitled “Ten Reasons to Send Your Student to a Jewish Day School.” She was inspired to write the essay after attending the Prizmah Conference in Atlanta dedicated to the future of Jewish education.

The essay sparkles with enthusiasm and positive energy. Moreover it makes the case very clearly, substantively, forcefully and persuasively for sending our children to day school.

Her list, of course, is not comprehensive. If we were tasked with compiling our own set of 10 reasons for attending day school, we would undoubtedly express ourselves differently than Passanisi and/or find additional reasons.

She ascribes the following headings to her 10 reasons and elaborates on each: Grounding, Ethics, Community, History/Roots, Superb Education, Whole Child and a Well-Rounded Curriculum, Soul and Social Responsibility, Relationships, Progressive Education, and For the Future.

GAJE encourages everyone to read Passanisi’s article. Day school is not for everyone. But everyone who wishes to send his or children to day school will find the essay thoughtful and provocative.

When day school education is more affordable, more of us will be able to experience the Passanisi reasons for themselves and, of course, for their children.

Passanisi’s article is available at:


Shabbat Shalom. GAJE

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