Kudos to the Federation

This week’s edition of The CJN (Dec. 20) featured an article about the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. The lead item of the story, indeed the key news from the meeting itself, relates to the determination of the Federation to make Jewish education more affordable.

CJN reporter Alex Rose wrote: “numerous Federation executives and board members “echoed the message…that the cost of education is the organizations No. 1 priority going forward.”

“Adam Minsky, the Federation’s president and CEO, said that UJA will work to find ways to make elementary and middle schools more accessible for middle-income families.

“Bruce Leboff, the outgoing chair of the board, reiterated the point, saying that the Federation will pursue an “affordability solution for elementary and middle school as the highest philanthropic priority.”

Incoming chair Warren Kimel called the lack of accessible options for middle-income families a “crisis of affordability.””

Federation leaders are to be commended for declaring this objective so unequivocally.

Parents, students and educators can take heart that the Federation has put the full weight of its organization and moral imperative of its commitment to permanently solving the crisis of affordability.

The community can be encouraged that a solution may be closer to hand and when anchored into the permanent institutional educational infrastructure, the uniqueness, diversity, charity, involvement, strength and Jewishness of our community will last in perpetuity.

When members of the community are called upon to take part in helping resolve the crisis, please respond favourably in the best way possible.


Shabbat Shalom.


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