A Significant Impact

The remarkable gift almost two years ago by the Jesin-Neuberger families and by an anonymous donor family — that reduced for a period of five years the tuition at CHAT by almost one third — has empirically proven that enrolment is indeed tied to affordable tuition. The enrolment this year in Grade Nine has skyrocketed by an astounding 68 percent. This figure is unprecedented anywhere in North America.

Last week, UJA Federation posted on its weekly snapshot, a short three-minute video in which the sense of gratitude to the donors for this potentially revolutionary, history-setting gift that so generously benefits parents, students, the school and the community is poignantly expressed by students and parents alike.

“Having Jewish education really adds a lot to your life. You discover who you are,” says one of the students.

“Being involved in Jewish community and being part of it has really shaped me,” says another student.

“I really hope that the people who made this incredible donation understand the value that they have contributed to the community, that the impact they are having is really a significant one. Ultimately it inspires other people to do the same. What they are doing is they are investing in a whole generation of kids who will ultimately step up in their own right and help the Jewish community.” (A grateful parent)

We must view the overwhelming success of the CHAT initiative as a beginning only. The reduced tuition must become the permanent norm at the school. Moreover, it must also become a reality at all the feeder elementary schools. For this to happen, other generously inclined families and donors need to follow the Jesin-Neuberger example. Please.


You can view the “Creating Affordability and Increasing Enrolment – the TanenbaumCHAT Success Story” video at: https://jewishtoronto.com/news-media/what-we-do/the-tanenbaumchat-success-story?


Shabbat Shalom.


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