New government, new hope

Doug Ford becomes Ontario’s 26th premier today. He and his cabinet have planned to swear their respective oaths of office outside of the Legislature. And then Ontario’s new government will launch into its duties and responsibilities. GAJE followers and members of our community will, of course, pay attention to the Cabinet appointments.

After a reasonable grace period of adjustment and acclimatization for the newly appointed cabinet ministers as well as, indeed, for all the newly elected members of the legislature, it will be time for the electorate–us–to bring our concerns to our own MPP.

We must confidently call or email our MPP to set out for him or her, the issues that are of pre-eminent importance for us. No issue is more pressing for us than the punishing unfairness of the current educational funding system.

Phone numbers and email addresses of the members of parliament will soon be made available. We must not be embarrassed or in any way reluctant to get in touch with our elected MPPs to ask the government to provide choice and fairness in education and to finally end the discrimination and unfairness that drag down Ontario’seducational system and wreak financial and other havoc upon the lives of so many young families.


Shabbat Shalom.


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