Yasher Ko’ach to our schools and to our community!

Yasher Ko’ach to our schools and to our community! By all accounts, this week’s Raise Toronto–Rise up for Jewish Education 24-hour fundraising campaign for GTA Jewish day schools was a huge success.

The campaign raised over $1,900,000, nearly double its goal of $1,000,000, and each of the nine participating schools exceeded its own fundraising target. There were over 2400 separate donations. This campaign, which was initiated by the schools themselves, shows what they, and our community as a whole, can accomplish by working together.

Now we need to follow up. We must ensure that the donated money will be used responsibly, to reduce tuition and to provide tuition assistance to families.

This is what GAJE is asking you to do:

1. Send a message to the school of your choice. Address your email to the chair of the board and the head of school demanding transparency about how the monies are used, and urging that donations be used to reduce tuition fees and increase tuition assistance. For a list of the school contacts, see https://gaje.ca/school-contacts/.

2. Send the same message to Adam Minsky, President and CEO of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto (aminsky@ujafed.org). Tell UJA that reducing tuition fees and increasing tuition assistance are the top priorities for our community.

3. Send a copy of your messages to us at GAJE (info@gaje.ca).

Together we must ensure that the legacy of this campaign is another step along the path of making Jewish day school affordable for all families.

Shabbat shalom,


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