We spring forward

With the extensive Pesach holiday period behind us this year, GAJE is moving forward with initiatives in funding and in public advocacy.

The funding committee has held encouraging introductory meetings with federation officials aimed at incorporating reimagined methods for brining new funds into the educational system. We are cautiously moving forward with this initiative.

The advocacy committee is exploring ways to once again place the issue of the provincial government’s discriminatory educational funding policies back onto the public agenda.
We hope there will be new developments to report upon in the near future.

A trilogy of connecting points

Pesach 5777/2017 is over. The celebration and commemoration of the defining collective moment in Jewish history has ended. Until next year.

We now immediately prepare for periods of reflection and commemoration of the trilogy of modern-era, defining moments in our collective Jewish history.

Yom Hashoah v’Hagvurah (Nisan 27) falls on April 24.
Yom Hazikaron (Iyar 4) falls on May 1.
Yom Ha’atzma’ut (Iyar 5) falls on May 2.

These three commemorations are connecting points for our sense of peoplehood. We must teach the essence of these connecting points to our children and our grandchildren through education at home and in school.


We urge families that are able, to enroll their children in Jewish schools.


Shabbat shalom.


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