Weekly Update: January 27, 2017 — 29 Tevet 5777

We are reluctant to refer two weeks in a row to insights from the same source. But inasmuch as those insights are relevant to GAJE’s work, we make an exception this week. Thus we again direct members to an idea expressed by Rabbi Marc D. Angel, the founder and head of the New York-based Institute of Jewish Ideas and Ideals. This week’s idea was made in relation to parshat Va’era.

Rabbi Angel offers a compelling insight on proper communal leadership. It is imperative that we keep his observation in mind as we endeavour to mobilize the entire community to make Jewish education affordable.

The problem of crushingly – and for many, impossibly – high tuitions is indeed solvable. We cannot, we must not, lose sight of this or of the sense of urgency we need to find solutions.

(The full text of the commentary can be found at: https://www.jewishideas.org/dreaming-and-working-redemption-thoughts-parashat-va-era)


Focused on the dream of affordable Jewish education

“God taught Moses an essential ingredient in proper leadership. When the public faces a difficult situation, a leader needs to present a grand vision of how the public can overcome the difficulty. A leader must keep focused on what needs to be done, and must gain the support and willpower of the public. But this often takes much time and energy. The public is not quickly aroused from its inertia. People always have excuses why things can’t change: we are too busy with our work, the establishment is too powerful, we don’t want to make things worse by calling for dramatic change, let others take the risk if they want–but don’t count on us!

‘When a leader hears these comments, he/she may lose heart. How can we move forward if the public is not with us? How can we bring about change if people are afraid of change, or if people are not ready to make sacrifices to alter the status quo? The answer: do your job! Keep focused on your ideals and your dreams and your goals regardless of who will or won’t listen to you. This is what God taught Moses, and it is a lesson for spiritual leadership of all generations. The public will one day be awakened to the challenges of the moment, and will rise with all its power to effect needed change. Do your job! Stay focused! Articulate the dream! Redemption will come.”

GAJE is moving forward. We will help bring about change. We are focused.



The annual Limmud Toronto conference takes place this year on March 19 at St. Andrews Club & Conference Centre in downtown Toronto. We urge GAJE members to register for the conference. GAJE will once again be joining the discussion.

Registration details are available at the Limmud Toronto website.


Shabbat shalom.


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