Weekly Update: December 2, 2016 — 2 Kislev 5777

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) Task Force on Affordable Jewish Education convened a conference call of its members last Friday. GAJE asked Noah Shack, CIJA Director of Policy, to provide an update of the task force’s progress.


Federal Security Infrastructure Program updated

“I am pleased to report that Federal Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale announced Monday (November 21) a number of updates to the federal Security Infrastructure Program that our community has long championed. Expanding the program to include support for internal security measures will have a particularly significant impact for our community’s schools. It would assist our effort if you would take a moment to encourage Minister Goodale to implement further improvement of this crucial program and to thank him for this specific update. As we all understand, expressing appreciation is an effective way of encouraging ongoing attention to the issue. Please take two minutes to thank Minister Goodale for responding to our community’s concerns.

Fair funding for children with learning disabilities

“One of the primary areas of concern raised at CIJA’s Jewish Education Task Force has been a disparity in government support for children with disabilities. Currently, the Government of Ontario provides limited support for a narrow range of disabilities for children outside public school boards. The Task Force will be launching an effort in the New Year seeking to expand the range and scope of government support for children with special needs. Our focus will be on mobilizing grassroots members of the Jewish community to help raise the profile of the imbalance and the impact on children within our community in order to encourage a change in policy. More details about how you can get involved to follow.”

– Noah Shack, the Director of Policy for CIJA.


A report on CIJA’s second GTA Assembly will be provided in the upcoming days.


Shabbat shalom.


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