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School returns

Our children return to school next week. In some cases, they will be attending school for the first time. Whether as “veterans” or as first-timers, along with their lunches, most will bring with them pockets full of excitement, worries, wonders

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The evidence suggests more choice is the better policy

In last week’s update we stated that we believe the Minister of Education bases its discriminatory educational funding policy on “outdated, incorrect information and upon now-dispelled myths about public funding for independent schools.” Prof. Vincent Geloso, assistant professor of economics

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The truths about independent schools the government seems not to know

As readers of the GAJE weekly update know, the Government of Ontario steadfastly resists making its educational funding policies apply equally, without discrimination or preference, to all Ontario’s children, including those who learn in independent schools. Indeed, the government brought

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Better able to catch the ear and the conscience of the government?

As we advised readers two weeks ago, the Governments of Ontario and Canada responded to our legal effort to end discrimination in educational funding by bringing a motion to strike down our application even before the courts have had the

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Independent school children also need to “catch up”

Last week, Ontario’s Ministry of Education announced a post-Covid “Plan to Catch Up” for the upcoming school year. “Our government is looking ahead as we remain squarely focused on ensuring students receive the best stable learning experience possible, and that

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Disappointment deepens as society is diminished

This week we update our supporters and readers of this space on the status of our action against the governments of Ontario and Canada aimed at persuading Ontario’s to end its unfair educational funding policies. On February 8, 2022 GAJE

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‘The funding of Jewish education is first and foremost’

In the wisdom literature of our people, King Solomon, stands tall for his voluminous, profound contributions to the insights and the values that steer Jewish life. He authored one of life’s simplest, yet most effective lessons: “speak less and do

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Are Ontario’s educational policy makers so unaware?

Last month, Gillian Livingston, business writer and former deputy editor for Globe Investor, published an article in the Globe and Mail entitled, Pandemic learning gaps have parents digging deep to put their kids in private schools. The article was primarily

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Bring fairness to Ontario’s educational funding would be a fitting tribute to Irving Abella

Such was the significance of his life and so entirely embracing were the affections he engendered that the sad news of Irving Abella’s passing on July 3rd appeared on the front page of The Globe and Mail and was among

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Ending glaring injustice not on Ontario’s agenda

Last week, Premier Doug Ford unveiled his new cabinet to the people of Ontario. He used weighty language in setting forth his governmental agenda. He called for Ontarians to be united and to work together. “With big challenges ahead, including

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